14 ordinary people from Insulate Britain have caused major disruption on the M25 in several locations, by walking on the white lines between the lanes of oncoming traffic. They are demanding that the government gets on with the job of insulating Britain’s homes, starting with the homes of the poorest people in the country.   


This is the sixteenth time that Insulate Britain has caused disruption on motorways and A roads as part of our campaign of nonviolent civil resistance over the past six weeks. We are demanding that Boris gets on with the job of insulating Britain's homes which is the best first step to cutting our carbon emissions, will avoid 8,500 fuel poverty deaths and help struggling families pay their energy bills this winter.


Liam Norton from Insulate Britain said: 


“In a couple of days COP 26 will start in Glasgow and the eyes of the world will be on this country. Britain should be leading the world with radical plans to decarbonise our society. What we have instead is a budget that is yet another act of treason by this government upon its own people. It is a plan that facilitates mass murder. The citizens of this country should be in open revolt. We need change and we need it quickly.


“It is clear that this government has no intention of getting on with the job that they were elected to do. No intention of protecting the country from climate collapse. Our children’s futures have been trashed. Our country sold out. We have been betrayed by the traitors now in power. We ask all decent ordinary people to join us, to rise up and take part in nonviolent civil resistance against tyranny.”


Tracey Malligan from Insulate Britain said: 


“I wish I didn't have to cause disruption, but nonviolent civil resistance is the only thing that will get the job done, it is the only thing that has a hope of working within the short time that we have. Within a few years, we will face rising levels of disruption, chaos and tragedy. Extreme weather, floods and crop failure are just the start. Do you have any idea what happens to society and law and order when the food runs out? It’s going to get ugly. Vulnerable elderly folk, families with kids and the disabled will be the first to die. 


It's time to stop passively expecting your government to take care of this. They do not have your best interests at heart. It's time to get off the sidelines and join us.

Its black and white - we either resist this criminality or we are complicit in it”


The action follows this week’s budget and spending review announced by the Chancellor. It was reported that in his budget speech Rishi Sunak failed to use the word “climate” even once, and said he would cut the rate of air passenger duty on domestic flights and freeze fuel duty for a twelfth year running. [1]






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Notes to Editors


About Insulate Britain


Insulate Britain is a new campaign group that is calling on the UK government to put in place policy and funding for a national home insulation programme starting with all social housing. 


We demand the Prime Minister and the government to #getonwiththejob, face up to their responsibility and lead our country through the climate crisis.


We are ordinary British citizens with simple and achievable demands to #INSULATEBRITAIN


The UK government must immediately promise to fully fund and take responsibility for the insulation of all social housing in Britain.


We demand a national home insulation strategy that gives British people the justice they deserve: a future for our loved ones, lower energy bills and safer living conditions.


We are scared: our livelihoods are at risk and the futures of our children are uncertain

The Climate Crisis is a threat to all: we demand the government to act now.


Our Demands

1. That the UK government immediately promises to fully fund and take responsibility for the insulation of all social housing in Britain by 2025;

2. That the UK government immediately promises to produce within four months a legally binding national plan to fully fund and take responsibility for the full low-energy and low-carbon whole-house retrofit , with no externalised costs, of all homes in Britain by 2030 as part of a just transition to full decarbonisation of all parts of society and the economy.

Further information about Insulate Britain and our demands here:

Technical Report on home energy efficiency here:


Insulate Britain ‘Blue Lights’ policy: our policy is, and has always been to move out of the way for emergency vehicles with ‘blue lights’ on.