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UPDATE: Insulate Britain Statement

19 September 2021

Earlier today Insulate Britian wrote to the Highways Agency and the relevant Police forces, informing them of that the campaign would continue, and specified that supporters would be on the M25 network on Monday 20th September from 7am. 

Insulate Britain are asking the Highways Agency to review their previous decision not to reduce speed limits, even though they had been made aware that major disruption will be taking place. Given that this is a standard safety procedure when hazards occur on the motorway, Insulate Britian is surprised it has not formed part of the response to the campaign. 

Copy of the letter sent this morning -

“We are writing from the campaign group Insulate Britain. People’s safety during this campaign has always been our primary objective. 

Therefore, on the 16th September we passed a request to the police to slow down the traffic on the south west parts of the M25 network, as we were aware that supporters of the Insulate Britain campaign would be participating in acts of civil disobedience on that area.

In the context of the horror of the climate crisis we believe that it is entirely proportionate to create disruption on the motorway network if it means the UK Government fulfils its legal obligation of staying below 2°C which will stop the unimaginable suffering for future generations.

Our request was refused. 

We write now to request that you review this decision, as campaign supporters will be on the M25 network on Monday 20th September from 7 am.

Thank you for your time on this matter.

The Insulate Britain campaign”