18 September 2021

77 people arrested for disrupting motorways around the south-east yesterday have now been released. Those arrested were held at multiple police stations, with some being held for as little as 10 hours.

The police are chosing not to detain people involved in the Insulate Britain campaign, despite being in breach of bail conditions, and being clear of their intention to continue with the protest. Several of those held at Chelmsford Police station were released with ‘No Further Action’ - that is no conditions attached.

Oliver, 41, from London, said:  "I told two officers I was going out to commit the crime again. They just advised against it. If this is so dangerous, they are now part responsible as they have full knowledge of our intentions?”

Insulate Britain have been in contact with the Highways agency and have requested that the speed limit be reduced on the motorways impacted by their protests to maintain public safety.


Police stations involved are Chelmsford, Grays, Salford, Staines, Hatfield, Stevenage, Southend, Medway